NordicCon 2013

This year's theme was


Here are the results of another successful NordicCon. Thanks to all who entered models and a special congrats to all the medal winners!  We had over 300 entries with the aircraft making up over a third of the models.  I hope everyone liked the Base Camp facility. We would like to keep the show there, in the foreseeable future.

Once again, thanks to all who helped (you know who you are). The show would not go on without your participation.


Theme Award
Winner Scott Harvieux Lotus E20 055


People's Choice Award
Winner Chad Cross X-15/XLR II 135


Special Awards
"Defense of the Reich"
- sponsored by Luftwaffe SIG
Bruce McClain TA 152H-1  218
Most Unique Model
- sponsored by MSM
Gary Anderson Dark Eldar Raviger 014
Best Sci-Fi Subject
- sponsored by Starship Modeler
Ray Smith Viper Mk. VII  219
Best Armor Subject
- Sponsored by MMFS
Kyle Nelson Stalinetz Tractor 197
Best Polish Subject
- sponsored by Sean Brzozowski
Curtis Knight Spitfire Mk.IIa 093
Best Figure
- sponsored by MMFS
Scott Primeau Chosen Few 148
Best Ordnance
- sponsored by OMG Modelers
Peter Rasmussen Opel Halftrack w/3.7cm Flak 045
Best WWII Aircraft
- sponsored by MN Wing of CAF
Peter Rasmussen Heinkel 219 Uhu Night Fighter 059
Best WWI plane (1/32)
- sponsored by Merrill Anderson
Erik Zabel Roland D.VIa  
Best Competition Vehicle
- sponsored by RPM
Hugh Heidt Mad Croc Corvette C6  


Category A-1: Juniors - Ages 9 and under
Gold Brandi Larson Ford Nascar


Category A-2: Juniors - Ages 10 to 13
Gold Pierson Rasmussen German Armoured Car


Category A-3: Juniors - Ages 14 to 17
Gold Patrick Verner M55 Sheridan
Silver Thomas Verner Humvee
Bronze Emily Streeter John Lennon Figure


Category B-1: Aircraft - 1/72 and smaller Biplanes ad WWI
Gold Curtis Knight 48/WWI


Category B-2: Aircraft - 1/48 and larger Biplanes and WWI
Gold Paul Ooi Albatross D-V
Silver Bill Wedeward Pflatz D-3
Bronze John Carlson Albatross D-3
Bronze Mark Rossman Folker DR-1


Category B-3: Aircraft - 1/48 and larger WWII Axis Single Engine
Gold Ron Shomshor 109 G-14
Silver Dean Hervat 109 G-4
Bronze Bill Wedeward 190 D-9


Category B-4: Aircraft - 1/48 and larger WWII Allied Single Engine
Gold Erik Zabel TBM Aven
Silver Bill Wedeward F4-U1A Cors
Bronze Jesse Peterson P-51B
Bronze Dean Hervat P-40


Category B-5: Aircraft - 1/72 and smaller WWII Axis Single Engine
Gold Ron Shomshor B5N2 Kate
Silver Ray Smith Blomm Voss


Category B-6: Aircraft - 1/72 and smaller WWII Allied Single Engine
Gold Curtis Knight Spit
Silver David herbert F4U-1
Bronze Jim Kloek F6F Hellcat


Category B-7: Aircraft - 1/48 and larger Multi-Engine
Gold Kevin Rickbeil Pby Catalina
Silver Karen Coughlin P-38J
Bronze Kevin Rickbeil B-17G


Category B-8: Aircraft - 1/72 and smaller Multi-Engine
Gold Erik Zabel BF-110C
Silver Curtis Knight BF-110C
Bronze Jim Kloek E2C Hawkeye


Category B-9: Aircraft - 1/48 and larger Jets and A/C Korea to present
Gold Steve Rewey Mig-29
Silver Bruce McClain F/A 18 Hornet
Bronze Ray Smith Wyvern 15-5
Bronze Mark Ross Seafire
Bronze Rick Verner F-101


Category B-10: Aircraft - 1/72 and smaller Jets and A/C Korea to present
Gold John R. Ross F-86
Silver John Carlson 5-3A
Bronze John P. Ross Su27


Category B-11: Aircraft - Helicopters (all scales)
Gold Dave Herbert Hughes 500
Silver Ray Smith Mi-24
Bronze Don Stauffer J-Hawk


Category B-13: Aircraft - 1/144 and smaller A/C (all)
Gold Erik Zabel R5D
Silver Chad Cross X-15
Bronze Chad Cross X-2


Category B-14: Aircraft - 1/32 Biplanes and WWI
Gold Erik Zabel Roland D6
Silver Bob Maderich Folker DR-1


Category B-15: Aircraft - 1/32 Aircraft
Gold Unknown Heinkel 219 Blue DB
Silver Kevin Rickbeil F-14
Bronze Kent Meyer ME-163
Bronze Ron Shomshor Spitfire Mk.1


Category B-16: Aircraft - Civilian (all scales)
Gold Kent Meyer JU-52
Silver Randy Worriner DC-4
Bronze Randy Worriner DC-3


Military Vehicles: Junior
Gold Nathan Garcia Stuart Tank


Military Vehicles: Beginner
Gold Robert Hyman DUKW
Gold Dean Hervat Jagdpanzer IV
Silver Mark Rossman Grant Tank
Silver Bruce McClain SdKfz 7/2
Silver Clinton George LVT(A)-1


Military Vehicles: Intermediate
Gold Larry Lahs Panzer IIIN
Gold Gary Majerak Su-85
Gold Rob Taubert Panzer IV
Silver Erik Zabel KV1
Silver Blaine Dooner M4A1 Sherman
Silver Mike Ostendorf M4 Composite
Silver Paul Ooi Type 97 Chi-ha
Silver Adam Mangold LTV-A4
Bronze Don Stadick GMC Dumptruck
Bronze Winston Vermilia SdKfz 232
Bronze Ray Smith V2 Rocket
Bronze Jim Allen Jeep Command Vehicle


Military Vehicles: Advanced
Gold Kyle Nelson Stalinetz Tractor
Gold Jesse Peterson Panther A
Gold Clint Williams MS Tractor - recommissioned
Gold Tim Streeter 40mm Bofors Anti-Aircraft Gun
Gold Ross Duvall Porsche VK45.02
Gold Scott Primeau M4A1
Gold Jacque Duquette BMD-2
Silver Peter Rasmussen Iraqi BTR-50
Silver Steve Kapiz Tiger I
Silver Scott Hofflend Tiger I


Category D-1: Figures - 54mm and smaller
Gold Scott Primeau Iwo Jima
Silver Rob Teubert German Mounted
Bronze Paul Ooi Mughal Tiger Hunt


Category D-2: Figures - 70mm and larger
Gold Ryan Tersteg Schutz
Silver Clinton George German Machine Gunner
Bronze Tim Streeter Hunchback of Notre Dame


Category D-3: Figures - Bust
Gold Scott Primeau Chosen Few
Silver Brian Paschke Bride of Frankenstein


Category D-4: Figures - Sci-fi and Fantasy
Gold Scott Primeau Honey Bee
Silver Paul Ooi Dino Mail Service
Bronze Brian Paschke The Mummy


Category E-1: Ships - 1/600 and smaller
Gold Jim Kloek HMS Invincible
Silver Paul Ooi Dawn Surprise
Bronze Rob Teubert USS Cony


Category E-2: Ships - 1/350 to 1/500
Gold Chuck Bauer USS Arizona
Silver Chris Weiseusel HMS Prince of Wales
Bronze Don Stauffer HMS Dreadnaught


Category E-3: Ships - 1/200 and larger
Gold Jim Hubener Tug Luddington
Silver Frederick Beseler USS San Francisco
Bronze Pierre Klee Ore Carrier


Category E-4: Ships - Submarines
Gold Jacque Duquette NNS Surcorf
Silver Clinton George German Mini Sub
Bronze Ray Smith HMS Trafalgar


Category F-1: Automotive - 1/18 and larger all
No awards


Category F-2: Automotive - 1/32 and smaller all
Gold Clint Williams Audi Land Speed
Silver Bob Halliday Shelby Series 1


Category F-3: Automotive - 1/20 to 1/25 Factory Stock
Gold Steve Hanson Corvette C5
Gold Bob Halliday 1953 Corvette
Silver Kevin Peltier 1970 Buick GSX
Silver Erik Zabel 911 Porsche
Bronze Paul Burpee 1960 Cadillac


Category F-4: Automotive - 1/20 to 1/25 Street Rods & Customs
Gold Jim Johnson 1932 Ford Highboy
Gold Randy Metz 1951 Ford Custom
Silver Bob Halliday 1957 Ford Custom
Bronze Gary Larsen 1948 Ford Deluxe


Category F-5: Automotive - 1/20 to 1/25 Straight Line
Gold Erik Zabel Pure Heaven Altered
Silver Jim Allen 1950 Oldsmobile 88
Bronze Don Stadick 1976 Gremlin


Category F-6: Automotive - 1/20 to 1/25 Competition Closed Wheel
Gold Cameron Jamison Porsche 935
Gold Hugh Heidt Corvette C6R
Silver Erik Zabel Porsche 911
Silver Scott Harvieux Ferrari 330P
Bronze Toby Halliday Mercedes CLK
Bronze Jim Allen 1987 Ford Mustang


Category F-7: Automotive - 1/20 to 1/25 Competition Open Wheel
Gold Toby Halliday 1929 Ford Comp Cart
Silver Bob Knudsen Yellow Jacket
Bronze Scott Harvieux Lotus E20


Category F-8: Automotive - Trucks all
Gold Don Stadick Jeep Rubicon
Silver David Morrow Toyota 4x4
Bronze Gary Larsen 1972 Chevy Van


Category F-9: Automotive - Motorcycles all
Gold Clint Williams Suzuki Drag Bike


Category G-1: Sci-Fi - All
Gold Erik Zabel Alien Drop Ship
Gold John R. Ross Battlestar
Silver Ray Smith Viper Mk. VII
Silver Kevin Peltier Batmobile
Bronze Jeremy Cortner Nautilus
Bronze Gary Anderson Dark Eldar


Category H-1: Real Space - All
Gold David Gatts Jupiter C


Category I-1: Dioramas - Military Subject
Gold Tim Streeter Keep 'Em Coming
Silver Merrill Anderson 75mm PAK Howitzer
Bronze Kevin Rickbeil SDKfz 251d


Category I-2: Dioramas - Non-Military Subject
No awards


Category J-1: Misc. - All
Gold Don Stadick Ork Bommer
Silver David Morrow Bobcat
Bronze Mark Rollie Eye-goned Wild


Category J-2: Misc. - Trifecta
Gold Bob Maderich ME109/E-Boat/Zundapp
Silver Don Stauffer Coach/Boeing 40b/Liberty Ship
Bronze Rob Teubert KV1/ME163/Belgian Cyclist


Category J-3: Misc. - Collections
Gold John R. Ross Star Wars
Silver Bernard Kugel Top Gun