NordicCon 2009


NordicCon 2009 was a success. We were scared about the turnout being there was another contest 250 miles away. But we had a big turnout. 65 entrants, and 347 models were on the table.

It was held at the NorthAire Banquet Hall in Fridley. Once again Vicky and her crew put on a fine spread. And there was no major problems this year. Everything went fine. We will know in a few months if we will be able to hold NordicCon there again in 2010. I want to thank everyone who attended and everyone who lent a hand with setup and volunteers. Thanks to my judging staff, I couldn't have done this without you.

-- Bernard Kugel
2009 NordicCon Chair
Twin City Aero Historians


Theme awards
GoldChallenger 1Eric Zabel
Gold1905 Suvorov and MikasaChuck Bauer
SilverMiller Specail 28 Indy winnerDon Stauffer
BronzeCoC S-3 VikingEric Morningstar
BronzeSpace shuttle AtlantisDavid Hanners

Special awards
RPMEric ZabelChallenger 1
Best VacuformMerrill AndersonHalberstadt DIII
Best FigureThe End Berlin 45Scott Primeau
Best Small NationYugo AA tankCurtis Wacker
Best BiplaneSea5Merrill Anderson
Most UniqueKyle NelsonKT-40 Flying tank
Captured AC in Luft MarkingsT-6Ray Smith
Best F-4F-4GMark Rossmann
Best PolishSherman FireflyBob Maderich
National guardF-16 MN ANGBernie Kugel

Category B-1: Aircraft 1/72 and smaller (Biplanes and WWI)
GoldSE5aMerrill Anderson
SilverPou du GelDon Sauffer
BronzeFokker Dr.1Fletcher Warren

Category B-2: Aircraft 1/48 and larger (Biplanes and WWI)
Combined with B-1

Category B-3: Aircraft 1/48 and larger (WWII Axis fighters)
GoldHe 219Scott Johnson
SilverMe-262John Ross
BronzeRussian Bf-109Ray Smith

Category B-4: Aircraft 1/48 and larger (WWII Allied fighters)
GoldA-36 Scott Johnson
GoldSpitfire 24Eric Morningstar
SilverCorsairHyman Roberts
SilverP-39QDennis Strand
BronzeXP55 RaySmith
BronzeF6F-5NJeff Lindemann

Category B-5: Aircraft 1/72 and smaller (WWII Axis fighters)
GoldKI-61 Larry Lahs
SilverBlohm VossRay Smith
BronzeB5N KatePaul Le Vvintre

Category B-6: Aircraft 1/72 and smaller (WWII Allied fighters)
GoldP-40NErik Zable
SilverF4U-1Paul Le Vvintre
BronzeP-11cDave Eckhardt

Category B-7: Aircraft 1/48 and larger (bombers and transport - all periods)
GoldS-3 VikingEric Morningstar
SilverKi-115Ray Smith
Bronzebf-108John Ross

Category B-8: Aircraft 1/72 and smaller (bombers and transport - all periods)
GoldPZL 23Dave Eckhardt
SilverB-25HJohn Ross
BronzeCap. B-17Ray Smith

Category B-9: Aircraft 1/48 and larger (fighters - Korea to present)
GoldF-101Eric Morningstar
SilverMig 21Ray Smith
BronzeF-84FRick Verner

Category B-10: Aircraft 1/72 and smaller (fighters - Korea to present)
GoldAIDA John Ross
SilverShenyang F-8Ray Smith
BronzeF-104GDave Eckhardt

Category B-11: Aircraft 1/48 and larger (helicopters)
GoldHughes OH-6AEric Zabel
SilverAH-1G CobraLarry Lahs
BronzeHH-65A Ray Smith

Category B-12: Aircraft 1/72 and smaller (helicopters)
Combined with B-11

Category B-13: Aircraft 1/144 and smaller (all)
GoldHorton XVIIIWinston Vermilyea

Category B-14: Aircraft 1/32 and larger
GoldP-47DJohn Dunphy
SilverF4F-3Bob Maderich
BronzeP-47DJohn Ross

Category C-1: Military Vehicles 1/72 and smaller (All)
GoldM2a3 BradleyEric Morningstar
GoldSherman FireflyBob maderich
SilverSchammel recoveryWinston Vermilyea
BronzeM26 PershingEdward S.Dennis

Category C-2: Military Vehicles 1/48 Axis
GoldScammel PoineerGeorge Romano
SilverJadgpantherScott Primeau
BronzeM4 ShermanJohn Dunphy

Category C-3: Military Vehicles 1/48 Allied
combined with C-2

Category C-4: Military Vehicles 1/48 Modern
combined with C-2

Category C-5: Military Vehicles 1/35 Axis (open top and soft skin)
Gold38T FlakpanzerPeter Rasmussen
SilverSDKFZ 10/4 FlakMirko Meier
BronzeKubelwagenJia Ooi

Category C-6: Military Vehicles 1/35 Allied (open top and soft skin)
GoldM-8 GreyhoundMike Bedard
SilverYugo AA tankCurtis Waker

Category C-7: Military Vehicles 1/35 Axis (closed top)
GoldTrainCurtis Wacker
SilverP-4 KruppPeter Rasmussen
BronzeKing TigerMirko Meier

Category C-8: Military Vehicles 1/35 Allied (closed top)
GoldPzkfw 1Mike Bedard
SilverKT-40Kyle Nelson
BronzeT-34Scott Premeiu

Category C-9: Military Vehicles 1/35 Korea to present
GoldT-80Jacques Duquette
SilverT-55John Dunphy
BronzeM2A2Blaine Dooner

Category C-10: Military Vehicles Artillery (all scales)
GoldPak 41Mike Bedard
Silver12 pd cannonDon Stauffer
BronzeNike hurculesLarry Lahs

Category A-1: Juniors (All)
GoldF-22 RaptorJoel Ooi
SilverCessna 150Thomas Verner
SilverBrit Universal carr.Patrick Verner
SilverFW 190 EggAriana Vermilyea
BronzeGloster MeteorPatrick Verner

Category D-1: Figures 54mm and smaller
GoldThe End Berlin 45Scott Primieu
SilverLucky JackChris Barrett
BronzeArtillery forward ObserverJim Thiewes

Category D-2: Figures 70mm and larger
combined with D-1

Category D-3: Figures Bust
combined with D-1

Category D-4: Figures Sci-fi
GoldKommander SchorsaScott Nicely
SilverAlien Mark Rollie
BronzeAlien 3 John Larson

Category E-1: Ships 1/600 and smaller
GoldTwin cities Paul Ooi
SilverHMS HoodDave Eckhardt
BronzeUSS South DakotaPaul Le Vvintre

Category E-2: Ships 1/350 to 1/500
GoldMikasaChuck Bauer
SilverSCC MaialeMirko Meier
BronzeBorodinoDon Stauffer

Category E-3: Ships 1/200 and larger
Combined with E-2

Category F-2: Cars - Small scale
GoldMalco GasserDon Stadik
SilverT-bucketMark Rollie

Category F-3: Cars - Factory Stock
Gold Ferrari FXXJim Mulligan
Gold FirebirdAndy Martin
SilverPorsche 356Bob Maderich II
Silver1959 CadillacErik Zabel
Bronze1962 Ferrari GTOJim Mulligan
Bronze1971 Plymouth RoadrunnerKevin Pelltier

Category F-4: Cars - Street Rods
Gold1957 ChevyBob Knutson
Silver1953 Ford PickupJohn Schnettler
Bronze1940 Ford SedanJim Schnettler

Category F-5 Cars - Customs
Gold1949 FordJim Mulligan
Silver1949 MercuryTorben Rothgeb
BronzeLil' StogieDon Stadik

Category F-6: Cars - Closed Wheel competition
GoldChallenger IErik Zabel
GoldFerrari FXXHal Hitchcock
Silver1933 Willys GasserErik Zabel
Silver1941 Willys drag carKevin Pelltier
Bronze1968 Chevy NovaJim Allen
Bronze1965 Ford MustangJim Schnettler

Category F-7: Cars - Competition Open Wheel
GoldLotus 25Erik Zabel
GoldCorvette ModifiedDon Stadik
SilverG-Force Indy carBob Maderich II
SilverFiat Altered Drag carErik Zabel
BronzeBugatti Type 35bBob Maderich II
Bronze1937 Chevy ModifiedJim Mulligan

Category F-8: Trucks
GoldFord rockcrawlerClint Williams
SilverKenworth AerodyneKevin Pelltier
Bronze1926 Mack TankerDon Stauffer

Category F-9: Motorcycles
GoldHarley ChopperJim Mulligan
SilverSuzuki 500 GP bikeAndy Martin
BronzeHonda 750 race bikeBob Maderich II

Category G-1: Sci-Fi Kits
GoldViper Mk 2Chris Ross
SilverAires 1BJohn Ross
SilverEXTL LaborJohn Larson
BronzeTIE FighterEric Zabel
BronzeTainty BattlestarWarren Shensen

Category G-2: Sci-Fi Scratch-built
combined with G-1

Category H-1: Real Space (All)
GoldSpace Shuttle AtlantisDavid Hanners
SilverApollo Moon landingDave Aho
BronzeJupiter C/Explorer 1Don Stauffer

Category I-1: Dioramas (All)
GoldFall of the PearlMike Bedard
SilverWW2 Dio.Ryan Friesen
BronzeWright FlyerEric Zabel

Category J-1: Miscellaneous (All)
GoldCrawler CraneMike Bedard
SilverMG 42 Winston Vermilyea
BronzeSkymasterKevin Pelltier