Annual Contest (2018)



Category 1: WWI and Biplanes
Gold Bob Maderich Seimens Schukart III
Silver Bernie Kugel Handley Page O/400


Category 2: 1/72 Propeller Aircraft
Gold Erik Zable BP Defiant
Silver Bruce McClain B-26
Bronze Bernie Kugel P-61A


Category 3: 1/48 Propeller Aircraft
Gold John Bernier P-51D
Silver Steve Erickson Bf.109G-6
Bronze Dennis Strand B5N2 Kate


Category 4: 1/72 Jet
Gold Jim Kloek F-102
Silver Bernie Kugel YB-49


Category 5: 1/48 Jet
Gold Steve Jantcher MiG-31
Silver Erik Zabel MiG-15
Bronze Steve Erickson He.162


Category 6: 1/32 Aircraft
Gold Steve Jantcher Junkers D.1
Silver Bruce McClain Ta.152
Bronze Bernie Kugel A-4E


Category 7: Armor
Gold Steve Erickson M3 Stuart
Silver Steve Jantcher Mk IV
Bronze Bob Maderich M3 Stuart


Catogery 8: Ships
Gold Jim Kloek RM Littorio
Silver Bernie Kugel K-19 Hotel Russian Sub


Category 9: Automotive
Gold Bob Maderich March Gold 56c
Silver Steve Jantcher Ducatti Motorcycle
Bronze Erik Zabel Ferrari F189


Category 10: Sci-Fi
Gold Erik Zabel USS Enterprise D
Silver Steve Erickson Do.335
Bronze John Ross USS Defiant


Category 11: Misc
Gold Erik Zabel Death of the Witch King
Silver Steve Erickson Okha 11
Bronze Gabe Englestead Tank and Figure Battle scene


Category 12: Club Challenge Vietnam War Aircraft
Gold Dave Perzel F-105G
Silver Bernie Kugel B-52D


Challenge for 2019: Minnesota Based National Guard, Reserve, and Air Defense Command Units