Johannes Allert

johan with his trusty companion
How long have you been modeling?
I started modeling when I was a kid, but took a break during my teen/young adult years. I got back into it in 1987.
How long have you been a member of TCAH?
I joined in January of 1991, 16 years total.
What was the first model you built and what did you like about it?
My Dad bought me the Monogram P-39 and P-38 in 1/48th scale. My Dad did most of the work, but the thing that I always remember was the box art for both of the kits.
Do you have a theme to your model collection?
No, except that most of it is 1/72 scale.
What's your favorite aircraft and why?
The P-38 Lightning. My Dad always extolled his love of the a/c and it's capabilities when he saw it fly while he was in the Army Air Corps.
What's your favorite kit & why?
So far, the most memorable one is the Albatros DV by Eduard. It was a fun build and looks great once completed.
How many kits have you built over the years?
Roughly, I'd say 100-150, although by build-to-buy ratio is pretty bad these days!
How many unbuilt kits do you have?
What other hobbies do you have?
When I'm not gluing my fingers together, I enjoy reading. We currently have 3 German Shepherds who keep us busy. During the summer months I run 1-2 miles every day and the youngest Sherpherd, "Freya" helps keeps me in shape.