Bob Maderich

bob portrait Waiting for 2006 Grand Prix season

1) How long have you been modeling?
"I was an avid modeler as a child then gave it up at around 16 years of age. Then returned to it in 1996."

2) How long have you been a TCAH member?
2005, And am now the coordinator for Nordicon 2006.

3) What was the first model that you built, and what do you remember most about it?
An IMC Ford GT-40. Hated it nothing fit!!

4) What was the last model that you built? What do you remember most about it?
A Datsun 240Z for Rpm Clubs' White Elephant Challenge. It was a quick OOB build alot of fun.

5) Do you have a theme (or themes) to your modeling collection?
Absolutely not! I am very proud of the fact that I build just about all subject matter.

6) What's your favorite aircraft and why?
WWI and WWII planes.

7) What has been your favorite kit or model that you've built? Why?
Any of the Chris Etzel resin kits. They are all wierd Indy cars.

8) How many kits have you built?

9) How many un-built kits do you have?
200 (actually 199 I just bought one from him yesterday. SH)

10) What other hobbies do you have?
NONE! This is enough.